Future Lawyer in the Making

A Blog Series My Journey to Law School and in Law School

November 2020 I began to revisit my childhood dream of becoming a lawyer. I knew the January 16th and February 20th test dates were out of the question. Generally, a prospective student would take approximately 12 weeks to study. Of course being my normal self, I procrastinated the the whole month until finally, I went on Amazon and purchased the KAPLAN LSAT Prep Book. I started to look through the book December 2020 and worked on a game plan. My personal life started to become rocky and ultimately took a major “L” in the relationship department. My ex-husband and I separated in January 2021.

There I was, in the middle of studying for the April 2021 LSAT Flex test, separated, four children and bills bills and more bills. To say I wasn’t ready for this life change is an understatement. To say I was ready to give up…yea in a way. On top of my newly independent status, which is easier said than actually being independent, I also had an on duty injury that left my dominant hand useless. To understand what I mean by useless, you’d have to understand the effort required to study for the LSAT. Making sketches and writing out the logical patterns in a logic game is time consuming. I was not able to actively make sketches properly. I did not allow that to stop me from taking the test in April. Instead, I started making the sketches with my non dominant hand which actually resembled my kindergarteners hand writing. By far the most annoying process. My work life became a little more hectic. I was now an injured officer aka restricted and overtime was hard to come by. I continued studying 5-6 days a week coupled with long work hours, stress and the onset of fighting highly functional depression.

The day finally came, April 10th. I was nervous and felt extremely underprepared. My hand although still not quite healed (a month later I found out my bone was still broken), I signed on with the proctor to start the test. The process was a little intimidating and slightly invasive. At the end of the testing I gave myself a pat on the back a good old fashioned Atta’ Girl! Now the waiting game began. After several weeks I received my LSAT score. I wasn’t extremely pleased with the score. However, given the circumstances I understood I gave the test my best shot and was content knowing that the score I received was during me fighting like hell through the last several months.

I was able to apply to the two schools on my list. I knew I wasn’t trying to go far and not out of state. I am a whole mother with four children and a career in the city of Detroit as a Police Officer. I called the school to inquire on their LSAT and GPA requirements. I was slightly under the requirement. The admissions personnel said, “You can write an addendum in addition to your personal statement about circumstances that you believe contributed to your scoring.” BINGO! That was my shot, to explain how much of a badass I was. That was my inner ego talking. The sane part of me understood, this was my shot to explain the intricacies that led me to this point in my life. I could tell my story. I suppose my story was good enough! I received my acceptance letter December 2021. I cried. I stopped crying. Then I cried some more. Here is where I get spiritual.

Not being very spiritual or a religious person as of late, I personally could not understand how God could even remotely assist me in my prayers. A little before I submitted my application I did in fact beg God for forgiveness, for only relying on his mercy when times were dark and the pessimism regarding the light at the end of the tunnel, which seemed so far. It was within that heartfelt begging that I felt a burden lift from my shoulders. Where I felt, this is was it’s like to witness the mercy and glory of God. I took that feeling and ran with it. Now here’s the cost. Literally!

The start of an ending…

University of Detroit Mercy School of Law cost approximately $43,000 to attend. That is a very large $129,000 price tag upon completion of Law School. You know that emoji with closed eyes and pursed lips…yea that was me. Well I should say that is me. Only today, my emoji is more like the one with the open eyes and pursed lips. At the end of December I began speaking to my Admissions Counselor for the sake of privacy I will call her Ms. Debbie. Ms. Debbie sent me some scholarships I may qualify for and a link for outside scholarships. There was one in particular called the “Henry H. Tarrant Scholarship”. Students who pass through the essay will be invited for interviews at a chance for up to $10,000 per year that’s a nice $30,000. Guess who got an interview?!?

“The Meijer of Detroit Mercy Law”

I am very grateful thus far in all that I have accomplished and look forward to updating my blog readers on my law school journey. Next blog post, I talk about the interview, a pre-law course I am taking, Campus Tour and finally my time in two different law classes. It’ll be an interesting year.

It’s going to be good!

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A Dip Into the Forbidden

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Forbidden Duchess

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Tonight, he wore his hair slicked back just long enough to be tied back at his neck. Braxton looked nothing short of regal. Prince Harry, she thought. He completed his look with a tailored long tail black suit with a matching silver waistband matching the allure of his prince charming vibes. Eva felt herself warm underneath her mask as she was mentally stripping his clothes off of his body. Suddenly he looked up, locked eyes with her, and started in Eva’s direction. She quickly glanced down, ashamed of where her thoughts were going.

Her alter ego Penny awakens as she turns around and sees Braxton writing his name on a tall woman’s dance card. He leaned down and kissed her on the cheek. Eva was lost in thought, thinking this was the woman who interrupted what could have been the best night of her life. It still can be, Penny rants at her. Eva knew she should not be here at this ball staring intently like a brazen she-devil at Braxton. What was the alternative? He was the most beautiful man she had ever seen. He was tall, broad shouldered, with unique silver eyes, and dark chestnut hair. 

“Excuse me Miss…” she was struck dumbly. 

“E..va..” She replied, staggering her words a little bit like a drunkard on the street. The light of recognition lit his silver eyes. “Miss Eva, I have never seen you at one of these functions before. Granted, it is always a masked affair, I am happy to make your acquaintance.” 

“Mr. Carter, there are over two hundred people here. I am sure you do not see every one of them.” 

Darn it! She thought. 

Now he knows she was staring at him and knew who he was BY LAST NAME. 

Anymore lame and I’ll be needing a crutch. Eva wanted to melt, his gaze seemed to penetrate into her. Why does she always have to be awkward and rhetorical? A ridiculous combination. He tipped his head back and laughed, showing off a perfect set of pearly white teeth. She was in trouble.


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Either Chain Me up or Let Me Go Either Way I’m Leaving (Short Story Series I)

~Chapter 1~

I woke with the worst hangover ever. I let Silvia talk me into going to a local club. She assumed I never got out of my apartment unless it was to work or workout. There was some truth to that but what could I do? I didn’t have anyone to help me with bills like she did so I had to work more than anything else.

I was just getting out the small cubed shower with broken tiles and a leaky pipe when my phone rang. It was my job. Likely, my team lead wanted me to work a double. Nancy must have called off again .

“Hello.” I said somewhat impatiently.

“Hi Lavinia this is Terry how are you?”

Terry was my boss and she was a bitch by nature.

“I’m great just getting ready to start my day so I can be to work on time, what’s up? You guys need me to work a double again?”

“Actually I was calling to tell you that due to the circumstances we are unable to keep you employed, business has been slow. I hope you understand.”

I felt like my world was going to shatter again in less than six months. I spoke but I couldn’t keep my voice from quivering.


“Listen, Lavinia you are…”

She was still talking, I hung up the phone. I had enough money saved to last me a few months if I budgeted my money right. That wouldn’t be too hard if I refrained from you know, all the basic pleasures in this life. Like meat with no steroids, cage free eggs, buying products that was not tested on animals. Yea basic stuff. I poured a glass of boxed wine from the pantry and yes, I started to drink at seven o’ clock in the morning. I played Mary J. Blige ‘Just Fine.’ By nine o’ clock I was wasted again and gracefully slipped into oblivion.


Waking up and not completely sober at one in the afternoon, I had Just enough wits to at least function properly. I glanced around my one room apartment and thought I’m doing OK, given the fucked up circumstances that I found myself in the last year or so. At least I had this. This twin size bed that creaks and cranks when I move, against an old fashioned linen colored plastered wall. Across I have a wonderful view of the bricks to the other units. My kitchen separated only by a barring wall was quite nice. I had a pantry that fit just enough noodles to hold me over until payday. A half-fridge dinged on the front doors. It was literally my size. And I get “my size” could be anything. “My size” is what the absent brain calls “Fun Size”. The color at least was attractive enough, green. The kitchen reminds me of Rachel Ray’s set from her show what was it called again?

Yea so here I was twenty now and soon to be twenty-one. A handle on reality would be good right about now. I just get irritated from the heat so august felt it would never come, tired from the heat and just want to advance this year and start all the way over.

“If Aliens exist here me now! I am a willing participant.” No answer there but, someone was buzzing at the door and I already knew it was probably Silvia. I went over to the intercom to buzz her in.

“Hey bestie you had fun last night right! And by the way you look like shit.”

That’s Silvia. No fucks given. And always in a chipper mood. We were complete opposites in all aspects. She white American, long sun tanned hair, exceptionally tall and of course yes she was gorgeous. I on the other hand a black American, ugly black hair that is thick as a noose, big boobs and eyes. Well that’s how the media describes me anyway. It’s pretty long considering most people assume we usually wear weave and our hair doesn’t grow. Well…we think that part about each other. I think with my Carmel skin I could pass for a Latina at least when my hair is pressed out. Why is that important? Well you’d have to be black in America.

Anyway, back to Silvia, her parents were international lawyers so they were handling cases all over and stayed out of town most of the time. We were best friends since we were in elementary.

“Leave it to beaver to point out the obvious. And I do feel like shit.” I couldn’t keep the irritation out my voice and a pillow from launching out my hand to her face.

She rearranged her hair from the hit and rolled her eyes.

“Did you just wake up I thought you had work today but when I went in there Nancy said you were not in, so I came here. I hope you didn’t call off because of me.”

“Actually the bitch Terry fired me so yes I’m out of a J-O-B and S.O.L so life is sucking pretty much right now.”

She came over and gave me a hug and of course I wailed. Because crying wouldn’t do it.

“You know if you need anything I’m here.”

If there is another thing about her I can brag on, she’s always empathetic to all people, and that made me love her even more. I didn’t want to point out that she was getting ready to move to California and switch colleges to UCLA. So I simply nodded.

“I’m glad you came over and I’m never drinking again my head feels like it’s about to explode and I have the shits.”

This is me snapping back, being strong because either you are the lion or the gazelle. The sun or the tree.

“Well get up take a shower and get dressed we are going on a shopping spree my treat and then we are going to go goggle eye the men at the gym what do you say?”

“Oh Silvia you know my weakness for the gym.”

And together we said, “and grey sweatpants!”


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Zahara J

Either Chain Me Up or Let Me Go Either Way I’m Leaving (Short Story Series I)


Where should I start, I have no idea. I guess from the beginning. I never did feel like my adoptive parents were loving at all. So, it shouldn’t have surprised me when they kicked me out of the house. It was not because of the popular belief of foster children causing havoc, doing drugs, or failing grades.

Their reasoning was unbelievable! Here it is, I finished last year at MacArthur High School. I would have graduated with honors and accepted at UCLA. Everything was going to work out great. That was until my foster sister got pregnant. Of course the blame went to me for being a bad influence.

I hadn’t even lost my virginity yet, but what was I to say? She told them it was because of me that she was having sex. How does that work? Clearly I am a brainwashing machine. Pun intended. I still have not come to grips with being, how should I say… to put it lightly, they packed my bags and left them on the porch.

I left and went to my best friend Silvia house. Her parents were never home so it was easy for me to live with her for the remaining of the school year. Although I was unable to go to college, I did get a job at the Macy’s in the mall. Now at twenty, it’s just me in my studio apartment in the ghetto.

This is an introduction to a short contemporary romance story I wrote several years ago. I will be adding the chapters weekly. Please share with friends and family! Readers Unite!!! Visit me on Instagram

New YouTube Video Alert: Beauty Bakerie Review Part II

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In the video linked above as well as embedded below, I give you a breakdown of several Beauty Bakerie products and demo the majority of them with the exception of two. If you have been hanging with me the last few months then, you’ll know about my affiliation with the brand. However, my opinions, and reviews are completely my own and the video of course is not sponsored. If you pop over to their website and see any goodies feel free to use my discount code “ZJAYBB10” it will save you 10% off your complete order and it does work internationally!

Coffee & Cocoa

The first product I used was the Coffee & Cocoa bronzing palette that retails for $38.00 or $34.20…Pssst that’s that price with the discount code. This palette in my opinion would look better on medium to dark tones rather than lighter tones. The palette is “bronze” the colors are gold, brown, and has a beautiful red that appears to have undertones of brown, orange or possibly both. Thus, why being a fair tone it may not be as flattering. But Alas! There really are not any rules in the makeup world that I live in so do you girlfriend!


The second new product I used was the Browies in Dark Brown. This pomade textured eyebrow product is somewhat easy to use if you are used to using a pomade. But if you are not it can be challenging as it is deeply pigmented as well as soft which means lots of product on eyebrow brush and easy to get more than what you want on the brows rather than the little it takes. If you have a precison eyebrow brush I think making hairlike strokes will be easy to do. This retails for $16.00 or $14.40. You decide the cost!

Matte Lipstick

Matte lips are in! But what’s even better is a smudge proof lipstick that doesn’t transfer and stays on for over SIX hours. Yes you read that correctly. I’ve tried it out and it’s the real deal. Beauty Bakerie’s lip whips are the hottest on the market right now. The color I used in video review is Cranberry Stiletto. It is recommended that when applying to avoid using more than three coats. The result of not following the advice(I didn’t at first) makes the lip whip tacky and cakey! I big NO. They retail for $20.00 or in your case $18.00.

Lip Whip Remover

As mentioned and shown the Lip Whip Removers are a must have to accompany the lip whip. You really must watch to see where I’m going with this. It will be a huge hassle to remove without it. For some people that’s an inconvenience, but for $12.60 or regularly priced at $14.00 I’d rather buy and have my matte lipstick stay on my lips and not on my food or coffee cup.

~Glitter sparkles $6.00

~The Do it for the Graham palette is no longer available online. The Riley Rose locations does have some left.

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New video up! Black Radiance Review 🖤

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