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‘‘Tis the season! A picture perfect gift 🎁 package. For some of us buying cosmetics is not simple as price and brand. It’s about the care and really what the company stands for. That is why Azeredo Cosmetics is a perfect choice for me. 🐰✔️and 5% goes to Cancer research. I am excited to be an Affiliate with this company. These are my personal pairs that I purchased and I love them. Still reviewing! I have to wear for few days to get a feel but so far YASSSS❤️

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Love you all❤️🙏🏽😘! Happy Holidays and Beautiful New Year Xo Z. Jay

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Mikasa Beauty Review 001


Mikasa Beauty Review 001


The Bodyography Electric Lip Slide in “Skintimacy” is absolutely stunning and smells delightful! Additionally is the Mikasa Techni 01 brush. Both products are of professional quality and gives you the expected results.


The Electric Lip Slide in Skintimacy has a subtle hint of a fruit scent. For a moment I pretended like I was a “professional” reviewer casually wafting the tube beneath my nose like a glass of good Red Wine. But, I gave up and looked at the bottle. It has “Pineapple Flavor” so I was technically close. Right? It also has a proud made in USA badge on the packaging, which I am all for. Now to the good part. I always like to test the longevity of products, especially lip wear, because let’s face it, who wants to continuously apply makeup every few minutes? Not I! Before dinner with my husband, I applied the Skintimacy it did take a couple dips to get an even coat, it does pay off. After eating a Rotisserie Chicken, Vegetable Medley, and Salad with beverage my Electric Lip Slide was still on. That’s full coverage for you and longevity. I know that in the beauty world we look for and appreciate these characteristics in products. As for the color, it’s not too dramatic and it’s like an “Ashy Nude.” (See photos) These lip shades come in several varieties and retails for $22.00 USD. Using my code “IAMZJANE25” gives you FREE shipping and 25% off complete purchase.


Mikasa Techni 01 is a professional high quality Makeup Brush that can be used by everyone. How do I know that? Because I am so far from being a professional Makeup Artist(MUA), and I was able to use it like a charm! Per description on the packaging it is ideal to use for concealer application under the eyes, liquid highlighter, as well as for a specific portion of popping color on the eyelid. To test this out I used for blending my concealer under my eyes, applying my liquid gold highlighter and color along my lash line and inner eyelid. Seriously, I thought I was not going to be able to pull it off. I’m new to this makeup craze the new items are a little intimidating like this brush, however, it was pleasant not feeling overwhelmed while doing my makeup. It’s also great for precision with contouring the dense brush and with its size will have you chiseled like Michelangelo’s David.


OK more tech stuff, the Mikasa Techni 01 brush has a rubber handle (could be way off ) that allowed my shaky fingers to not go sliding around. The actual head is flexible and the brush fibers are really soft. It puts me in the mind of a dense baby brush. I literally rubbed it on my arm it was just that soft! This high quality professional Brush has several others with various sizes and this particular one retails for $25.00 USD. The Best part is my unique discount code works on this as well. To check out their website you can go to the heading “Mikasa Beauty” on my homepage  Or click here 


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An introduction please!

How does this even work? I’m laying next to my husband while he’s asleep and snoring peacefully in my ear. Thinking to myself, my first post should be about what exactly? Do I google it? Play the spy on other blogs or simply wing it? By now I hope it’s apparent which I have decided to do. My point is, there really is just not a right way to do this. Sure, I could start by telling you “facinating” things about my life, ambitions, and my retirement plan but does that really matter now? This is who I am. I try to plan but that doesn’t really workout as well as in the movies. Perhaps I need a life coach (Definitely not a bad idea). 

Rewind! My name is Zahara and really I started this Blog so that I can reach people who are simply tired of the “structure,” meaning targeting a group of people who like random things. It’s for folks who doesn’t really have a single niche, rather they enjoy many things. For example; I love makeup so if you are a reader of my blog you’ll definitely see sections dedicated to my reviews on makeup. I also have a passion for reading so I shall have my little reading corner as well. I could literally go on for several more paragraphs about how scatter brained my interest are, but then that’ll lead to something I do not have an interest in BOREDOM! 

As the time moves forward I am hoping that my readers will enjoy reading my thoughts,  respect my opinions, and ultimately see that I am a genuine human being. Also getting to know me the writer and witnessing my growth. I believe that vomiting it all on one post is one of those rules I’ll be breaking. It’s easy to get overwhelmed. I am a wife and mother of four little ones which means lots to say and little time to do it. To put that in one post is bizarre and doesn’t do the whole meet and greet justice. Until next time!


Z. Jay

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