One Too Many Martinis Skincare Routine

What is the Golden Rule when it comes to makeup? Anybody… How about you, yes you who is reading.

Rule number one: Never…Ever…Sleep…With…Your…Makeup…On…EVER.

Well I am here to tell you that some rules are just meant to be broken. Of course I say this with every bit of caution. I personally will always try to take my makeup off, even if it is just with Makeup wipes.

But, there comes a time, a party, a late night-cap that leads to several that really gets us off our routine. Now, I am not a “Beauty Guru” by any means nor am I a dermatologist. What I am is a person that wears makeup, drinks Wine & Cognac and ultimately at times have one too many where literally the last thought is OMG I have my makeup on!

It’s more like, where is some water, bread, hell a bed and pillow is my thoughts if I am being completely honest.IMG_0187

I know I am not alone in this. I have done my research and spoken to many different women. We don’t have to feel bad about leaving our makeup on when it’s that type of night.

We also shouldn’t feel like our skin magically gained several wrinkles, extra pores, three pimples, dark bags, and a partridge in a pear tree. I won’t make too  much more small talk, so without further ado let’s get it rolling.

OK, more specifically using makeup every day and sleeping in it is gross and it is really bad for your skin. Now that we got that statement out the way we can focus on what this post is about. That is, the maybe once in a month type of lady or even a couple.

What do we do when every Article and every Blogger out here tells us we are doomed and cannot age gracefully?

We go to the experts. As blogged by Simone Kitchens in an interview with Dr. Eric Schweiger (founder of the Clear Clinic) and Dr. Erin Gibert (Dermatologist) what actually happens to the skin in the scenario I am writing out.

The short answer is absolutely nothing. However, long time exposure to sleeping in makeup can and will cause Acne, Healthy Collagen breakdown, and clogged pores. View Full Article Here!View Full Article Here!View Full Article Here!

So what the heck do you do when you’ve had a long stressful day or for some one too many martinis?

You bring back all the health you can to your skin, you treat it right. Without being too weird its like you make-love to your face. OK, that sounds a bit weird but I hope you all are getting my point.

I literally treat my face to an hour of in-house spa treatments. Remember, this is just for emergencies, like that over the counter stuff you buy when you are feeling a little sick.

  1. Step One: Gather all of your items you will need. In my case it’s a two clean face towels. One for gently washing the skin and the other to steam your face. And my products I’ll be using 100% Argan Oil, MAC Mineralize Volcanic Ash Exfoliator, and Philosophy Pore Extractor. Pic too
  2. Step Two: First, with a little Argan Oil, gently massage it into your skin (You’ll thank me later for this step). For some this could be a waste of time and product but your skin will love you for it. After massaging into the skin and on eyelids. With warm towel number one and only water wipe your face. You’ll notice right away the makeup is breaking down due to the oil and the warmth from the towel is divine. After this quickly wash face with general cleanser
  3. Step Three: Directly after cleaning as much of the makeup and pollutants you fell asleep with off your beautiful faces it’s time to clean! For me I personally use a cleaner that will concentrate on my pores. My pores are huge on my nose and the majority of my skin care products focuses on these areas. For that reason I use Philosophy’s  Purity Pore Extractor. It says it’s supposed to shrink the look of pores, scrub away blackheads, and draw out impurities. So far it works for me and I use it versus others I have due to its effect on my skin. When I use this I gently message on my skin and leave on until the clay is completely dry after rinse it off with warm water. I must say my skin feels like a baby’s bottom! So smooth, I absolutely love this stuff.
  4. Step Four: By now the makeup for the most part is off, but there could be a culprit that is left waiting to dive deeper into our pores. That is why this step is my safety guy. It has my back all the time and it feels so damn good. If I could I’d just rub my skin with it everyday.  I use my Mac Volcanic Ash Exfoliator. The ladies and gents that uses exfoliants for their faces or body know what I mean. All the dead skin is gone, surface blackhead stands zero chances of making it past this step. And best of all. Your skin just starts to glow! I personally leave on after rubbing gently in my skin for about 10 minutes. It gets dry a little and then I go ahead and rehydrate the product with water and rinse off. According to Mac this can be used 1-3x a week.
  5. Step Five: We are almost through! After having a clean face it’s like a blank canvas now. There is nothing on your skin and if you look in the mirror you’ll notice brighter, smoother, and plump skin. But alas! We are not done. After you take a few minutes to admire your skin while it air dries. Get towel number two ready. If you have an actual face steamer good for you! If not hot water on the towel, fold in as small a part as you can and reopen the towel. Ideally you want this to be as hot as you can stand. Once you unfold the towel let it cool down for a little. The time would be dependent on how hot the towel is. You don’t want to burn your face. Cover your entire face up to 3x repeat the fold and heat process. When you cover your face try to cover your whole face. Lean back and try not to fall asleep standing. It really feels that good!
  6. Step Six: Finally once your skin is completely dry from the steam, add moisturizer back your face. You definitely want to use one that is lightweight and will not clog the pores your just cleaned out. I use my Argan Oil again for this step or if I want to change it up I’ll use my Sephora Instant Moisturizer + Cream. That keeps my skin hydrated all day!

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~Z. Jay


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Love you all❤️🙏🏽😘! Happy Holidays and Beautiful New Year Xo Z. Jay

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Mikasa Beauty Review 001


Mikasa Beauty Review 001


The Bodyography Electric Lip Slide in “Skintimacy” is absolutely stunning and smells delightful! Additionally is the Mikasa Techni 01 brush. Both products are of professional quality and gives you the expected results.


The Electric Lip Slide in Skintimacy has a subtle hint of a fruit scent. For a moment I pretended like I was a “professional” reviewer casually wafting the tube beneath my nose like a glass of good Red Wine. But, I gave up and looked at the bottle. It has “Pineapple Flavor” so I was technically close. Right? It also has a proud made in USA badge on the packaging, which I am all for. Now to the good part. I always like to test the longevity of products, especially lip wear, because let’s face it, who wants to continuously apply makeup every few minutes? Not I! Before dinner with my husband, I applied the Skintimacy it did take a couple dips to get an even coat, it does pay off. After eating a Rotisserie Chicken, Vegetable Medley, and Salad with beverage my Electric Lip Slide was still on. That’s full coverage for you and longevity. I know that in the beauty world we look for and appreciate these characteristics in products. As for the color, it’s not too dramatic and it’s like an “Ashy Nude.” (See photos) These lip shades come in several varieties and retails for $22.00 USD. Using my code “IAMZJANE25” gives you FREE shipping and 25% off complete purchase.


Mikasa Techni 01 is a professional high quality Makeup Brush that can be used by everyone. How do I know that? Because I am so far from being a professional Makeup Artist(MUA), and I was able to use it like a charm! Per description on the packaging it is ideal to use for concealer application under the eyes, liquid highlighter, as well as for a specific portion of popping color on the eyelid. To test this out I used for blending my concealer under my eyes, applying my liquid gold highlighter and color along my lash line and inner eyelid. Seriously, I thought I was not going to be able to pull it off. I’m new to this makeup craze the new items are a little intimidating like this brush, however, it was pleasant not feeling overwhelmed while doing my makeup. It’s also great for precision with contouring the dense brush and with its size will have you chiseled like Michelangelo’s David.


OK more tech stuff, the Mikasa Techni 01 brush has a rubber handle (could be way off ) that allowed my shaky fingers to not go sliding around. The actual head is flexible and the brush fibers are really soft. It puts me in the mind of a dense baby brush. I literally rubbed it on my arm it was just that soft! This high quality professional Brush has several others with various sizes and this particular one retails for $25.00 USD. The Best part is my unique discount code works on this as well. To check out their website you can go to the heading “Mikasa Beauty” on my homepage  Or click here 


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