Future Lawyer in the Making

Zahara Madahah. My name is Zahara Madahah. That name is the cover page of a story that I often cannot believe I’ve made it through. This story was so cold that it can be numbing to tell. A story so dark that it has often made it difficult to envision the light at the end of this long tunnel. But I‘m still standing, and the chapters I’ve written are etched on my heart, for better or worse. Most importantly, this story is mine, and I own it. I work every day to ensure the next chapters are brighter and bolder than the last, and I won’t stop until the pages begin to reflect what my mind knows I can be. My name is Zahara Madahah, and this is my story.

I am 32-years-old, and in that short time on this planet, I’ve amassed a wealth of experiences that have increased my fortitude as well as taught life lessons. I have been divorced twice, and by the same man, at that. This toxic cycle has caused depressive states to become commonplace, and the prospect of a happily ever after to become more and more abstract as each day passed. As a single mother of 4 biracial children, each new day greets me with challenges that most people may stay glued to their mattress, hiding away from the realities of their life. But that isn’t me. I know I have so much to give, and I know the place I am meant to give it is at ***Law School***.

Pre-Order Kindle

My E book for my first novel is now* live and available for pre-order! I’m excited and I hope you all enjoy. If ordering the paperback copy, it will be available towards the end of next week for pre-ordering!