Coronavirus Struggles

As a first responder (Police Officer) not having equipment can be scary and makes you feel under prepared. As the country mourns the loss of those who have passed due to COVID-19 complications as well as being quarantined inside, I want to bring awareness to any organizations that are in this fight. I will use whatever means to get messages out and help to our medical teams and first responders.

The first GoFundMe I came across is from an Emergency medical Doctor Anne Messman . She stated on her GoFundMe page, “The ongoing lack of personal protective equipment threatens this critical relationship. The purpose of this fundraising effort is to provide the equipment needed to sustain a face-to-face relationship between providers and patients in emergency care in Metro Detroit.” If anyone can donate or share this post to get the word out would be greatly appreciated.

The second GoFundMe I’ve come across is from brothers Matthew and Brian Loussia from Oak Park who is using their companies 3D printing to create face shields for medical professionals. If you can donate to this cause their GoFundMe is here.

Police Officers also need assistance, I will be reaching out to my departments media relations team in the hopes that we can start our own GoFundMe for supplies such as gloves and masks. My department has over 150 officers quarantined and several who have tested positive. We have lost a Captain and Dispatcher from this evil disease.

We are short on supplies and need assistance. We too are fighting in these front lines and not just dealing with COVID exposure. Fentanyl, shootings, domestic violence. Please don’t forget.

I will be updating this page when I can verify the sources of the GoFundMe request. Together we can fight this enemy!

God Bless us All and God Bless the United States of America 🇺🇸

Officer Z

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