Did you know?

I’m loving memory of the fallen officers Globally.

Do you know who we are? The people without the badge

The human behind the blue, even the ones behind the brass!

Did you know I am a mother with 4 natural kids?

But I say, I am a mother to the community all the ones across the metro grid.

Did you know there are ranks within the department?

The overseers of police start with the Sergeant

Did you know we dream of monsters and ghouls?

The shadow lurking, the running crowd; no control.

Yes. We dream of dreams never dreamt.

The tides closing, the would’ve bullets unspent.

Not going home because someone held a grudge.

The anti-police rhetoric running our name through the sludge.

The rhetoric we are the jury and the judge

So on a traffic stop asking for compliance when the citizens won’t even budge.

Did you know that we care about you?

You’re on our mind after the domestic violence you’ve gone through.

Did you know we sit and try to figure out programs to help the community?

To bridge gaps and create a sense of unity.

Did you know when your loved ones pass we stay and wait?

So their belongings scavengers do not attempt to take.

Did you know we bleed?

Did you know we cry?

Did you know we die?

No. You don’t know.

Peace and Blessings to Our First Responders

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