We hear you Detroit

If only a line was able to decipher the meaning of life,

The husband who lives for change with a worrying wife.

The wife who leaves home to protect another’s son,

Carrying the worlds hurt on her back like how Charlotte’s web is spun.

If it’s blue some say, “they don’t care about you”

I call it opinion, like “facts” without truth

Not circumspect to consider the pain of the youth

Nor the bars, switching cadence steaming from the booth

Years yearning, tears burning, with no one to have your back

Young Detroit we’re here and we’re bringing tact.

It’s a promise we make from the time our foundation starts

The crawls, the runs, to be completely taken apart.

And put back together to represent a team

Solid, with strength like the new supremes.

I know it’s hard, but have faith in the blue.

We will protect and serve with everything we do.


A True Friend

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