Either Chain Me Up or Let Me Go Either Way I’m Leaving (Short Story Series I)


Where should I start, I have no idea. I guess from the beginning. I never did feel like my adoptive parents were loving at all. So, it shouldn’t have surprised me when they kicked me out of the house. It was not because of the popular belief of foster children causing havoc, doing drugs, or failing grades.

Their reasoning was unbelievable! Here it is, I finished last year at MacArthur High School. I would have graduated with honors and accepted at UCLA. Everything was going to work out great. That was until my foster sister got pregnant. Of course the blame went to me for being a bad influence.

I hadn’t even lost my virginity yet, but what was I to say? She told them it was because of me that she was having sex. How does that work? Clearly I am a brainwashing machine. Pun intended. I still have not come to grips with being, how should I say… to put it lightly, they packed my bags and left them on the porch.

I left and went to my best friend Silvia house. Her parents were never home so it was easy for me to live with her for the remaining of the school year. Although I was unable to go to college, I did get a job at the Macy’s in the mall. Now at twenty, it’s just me in my studio apartment in the ghetto.

This is an introduction to a short contemporary romance story I wrote several years ago. I will be adding the chapters weekly. Please share with friends and family! Readers Unite!!! Visit me on Instagram

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