Memories Oft Forgot

Stolen kisses as your eyes drift closed

Into the realm of sleep while another dimension unfolds.

A fire burns inside of me,

Raging on with hostility.

The apples deceit develops in my heart-

It hurts to see your eyes glistening with promises of a start.

A cage bird waiting to be free

Conjuring up future memories.

Often forgotten when life seems so beautifully.

Erupting Volcanoes scattering what I long,

If heaven is a place, then Hades is where I belong.

If I can take away the hurt- I know I’ll bestow,

I’ll keep shooting him my love as I steal Cupid’s bow.

Here in the now is where I’ll keep him at my breast,

I know I failed the ultimate Godly test.

For he is Beauty and I’m the Beast.

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