What is Power?

This is my first Shakespearean style poem. It follows the ABAB CDCD EFEF GG rhyme scheme, but, all lines aren’t in iambic pentameter, thus, not a sonnet but really close! Please enjoy. *unedited*

Opening the door to treachery,

The heart, it pounds.

While the eyes sees unclearly;

Reflections sees itself; Frowns.

The gash of death stoking the fire

She does not want this projection

The Forbidden fruit of skins desire

He’s introduced with the sole purpose, protection.

Come to me, his eyes they plead

A downward cut

He falls to his knees

Searching each other’s soul, no one interrupts,

Undying love connected like a protoplasmic kiss

Never letting go of this hellish bliss.

Z. Jay


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