For my brothers

‼️We don’t have to be blood to be brothers‼️

For my Brothers:

Do y’all remember anything from the past?

Like the genocides across the world or the time before last?

Or is it easier to say the white people did it

So that way your excuses does not cause for your sister to be livid?

Yea it’s some systematic things in place

Keeping you down on your knees like a fall from grace.

For once I will affirm it’s not about you,

This is for my brothers beaten black and blue

I message for them coming from their sister

I love you guys you know, nothing wrong with being called Mister

Why do you have to be an OG?

What is so hard from staying out the streets…

Afraid to compete?

Your mindset still lost

Are you afraid to become an actual boss.

That’s not a question more like a statement

Jump on your feet no more standing in line taking payments

But rather TAKE payments from the blood sweat and tears

A great come up leave behind those fears

I’m aware it’s challenging being who you are,

But let’s not forget those DNA scars

Embedded in your blood and surrounding your soul

The worlds not meant to be easy. It’s actually rather cold

Be bold, stand up, and fight the good fight

The one that you root for inwardly the one that’s right

Not the blame game that leaves you in an inferior position

The one where there’s no dissonance but a clear decision

I challenge you

Stand on your feet

Think about the future not a defeat

Put your hands to use or the mind

You all keep saying you are one of a kind

I challenge you to prove it don’t sit still

Don’t murder each other even for the thrill

I’m down for you, like you don’t even know

My eye is for you like Odin with his crow




@iamzjay (IG)

~A Dip Into The Forbidden

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